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We Take Quality to New Heights

Residential and commercial roofing construction in Fort Wayne, IN

Does your roof look old and worn? It might be time to think about giving your property a fresh new look. If you need a roof replacement or repair, we’ve got you covered. Sam Lengacher Construction can fix any type of roof on existing homes and business buildings in the Fort Wayne, Indiana area. We guarantee that we’ll leave your property better than it was before.

Five ways to tell if you need a new roof

Residential and commercial properties are a large investment. Don’t let your home or business building become a burden with unnecessary expenses. Keep a close eye on your roof and learn how to spot problems before too much damage occurs. Examine your property for:

  • Exterior decay on sheathing and siding
  • Stains on interior ceilings and walls
  • Blistering or peeling interior or exterior paint
  • Missing, cracked or curled shingles
  • Excessive moisture and mold growth

If such problems exist, you need a professional contractor to replace your roof. Protect your property from safety hazards and costly expenses by calling us today!

Reliability starts at the top

Reliability starts at the top

Our roofs are above the rest. We offer complete cleanup services, premier products and high-quality work. Contact Sam Lengacher Construction today at 260-410-7799 to schedule your roof replacement. Call now and receive a free estimate! We strive to provide you with affordable roofing materials in Fort Wayne, IN.

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