Store Your Outdoor Equipment in a Pole Barn

Store Your Outdoor Equipment in a Pole Barn

Turn to us for pole barn construction services

From storing your machinery to housing your livestock, pole barns have served various uses throughout the years. If you want to install one for your property, we're your go-to. Sam Lengacher Construction offers top-notch pole barn construction services. Whether you want custom doors, colors or features, we can make it happen.

We'll take care of your entire pole bare construction project from start to finish. You can learn more about the building process by calling 260-410-7799 now.

Find a use for your new pole barn

Pole barns are built for many reasons due to their easy construction and affordable prices. Pole barns are great to be used for:

  • Storage of farm equipment
  • RV or boat storage
  • A garage or workshop
  • A horse or cow barn
  • Office space

Our pole barns come in a variety of sizes. You can schedule our pole barn construction services by reaching out to a member of our team today.